Transit Services 

For approximately 20 years NACOLG has provided a variety of public transportation services to northwest Alabama. These services include public transportation routes, plus contracted routes running Monday thru Friday in the northwest Alabama counties of Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, Marion, and Winston. There are also some after hour’s routes and some special events transportation services provided.

Upon approval of a special wavier by the Alabama Department of Transportation NACOLG can now provide some special transportation services for senior citizens and disabled persons. NACOLG’s transit department works with local special interest groups and governmental entities to provide safe, reliable, and specialized transportation when needed. Most of NACOLG’s buses are ADA (wheelchair) equipped.

The MIMS (Mobility Information Management System) is operational and accessible to the public.  Not only does this system provide information pertaining to the NACOLG transit program, but it includes specifics regarding all modes of transportation within the service area.  Furthermore, MIMS can be accessed and used to chart a trip from one point to another, focusing on rural services.

NACOLG Transit has developed an advertising program.  This effort provided racks on the backs and sides of fleet vehicles, whereby local merchants can post advertisements.  Proceeds from the sale of ads were used to match federal funds in the Urban Program.

In order to expand the program, the Transit Department is extending advertising opportunities throughout the five-county region.  For further information regarding this program, contact the Transit Department at (256) 389-0511.

Click Here for the Mobility Information Management System

Department Contact:

Clarice Johnson -- (256) 389-0510

Joyce Willingham -- (256) 389-0514

Jamie Peck -- (256) 389-0512

Gary Friar -- (256) 389-0511


Hours of Operation   Monday Thru Friday 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 


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